When Life Gives You Lemons…

… Make lemon drizzle cake! Now I know this is my second ‘foody’ post in a row but today I thought I’d share with you my favourite lemon drizzle recipe – and it’s too good not to write about! I have tried a fair few recipes in my past baking shenanigans and I’m happy to […]

Yummy Spelt Loaf

So since being back at university, I’ve made the decision to make my own bread! It tastes 10x better than shop bought loaves and doesn’t even cost that much more! I’ve decided to use spelt flour as it has a range of benefits over wheat. It is packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and essential organic […]

{food} The Poacher & Partridge, Kent

Tonight I went to dinner with my parents. This is a tradition we’ve been doing for some time now, that the night before I leave to go back to university, whether it be after Summer, Christmas or Easter, we always go out for a farewell meal. This time we decided to go to The Poacher […]