Halloween Make-Up

On Wednesday night I went out for Halloween. Yes, I know it was a bit early but I had something else rather exciting planned for the 31st!

I decided not to go with the normal female stereotype = slutty.

I searched all over YouTube and found the perfect tutorial for… a burns victim! The next day I popped down to Escapade (a very iconic fancy dress shop located just around the corner from me in Camden – well worth a visit if you’re in the area) and bought some liquid latex, some white out contact lenses, and a bit of fake blood.


I started off by using the latex and some cotton wool and placing it on different areas on one half of my face. I was only using one contact lens as I wanted the other side of my face to look pretty normal!

P1000605 P1000607

I then used a light & dark red to create the burned look. I added some black and brown eyeshadow in places to make the skin look a little more charred. Then I used the black eyeshadow to go around my eye. To finish it off I stuck some fake blood on certain places on on the burn and left it at that. On the ‘normal’ side of my face I put on a fake eyelash (Millie Mackintosh Ibiza) to accentuate the fact the other eyes lashes were meant to look burnt off.

P1000609 P1000610 P1000611 P1000612

I ended up wearing normal clothes as I really wanted to scare people but only when I turned my made-up face to them.


I was so happy with this look and on my way out had a lot of fun making people jump!

Jacqui – my flatmate, went for the dead doctor zombie look and I thought she looked great!

P1000618 P1000619 P1000622

P1000624 P1000625

Yes that is two zombies doing each others hair…

We ended up going to Brick Lane for a curry (it may not look much but it tasted amazing!) and then onto a club in Tottenham Court Road.


P1000627 P1000629 P1000630 P1000633 P1000636 P1000640 P1000651 P1000654

I’ve included photos of some other people to show you some other ideas for costumes. I know Halloween was yesterday but there are still some parties coming up and you could even use these as some inspiration for next year!

Have a spooktacular 1st November!

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