Moving Back To University

It’s that time of the year again! Moving into my London apartment for the start of my third and final Fresher’s Week (& year)!

As I moved most of my clothes straight from old flat to new flat I only had a small amount to bring up from my family home.

I thought I’d show you some of the pieces I value as essentials for the year ahead!

So I started the gruelling task of packing but made sure I was in some comfy PJ’s and had some tea, good music/YouTube and some tasty Spanish salami to keep me fuelled!



Lets kick things off with trousers. Jeans/loose trousers are probably my most worn item at Uni, I pair them with a comfy jumper and I’m pretty much set for the hard day ahead! I have a grey cheap pair from Primark, a pair of white roll-ups courtesy of my mother, some casual, slouchy bottoms from TK Maxx, these super loose + comfy jeans from Topshop, some printed loose trousers also from Primark and lastly some thick high-waisted leggings from Zara (probably the best and most comfy purchase of my life).







Next up we have skirts and shorts. I love wearing things like this to go out. I have a multitude of dresses but I’ve recently been loving wearing shorts. This lacy pair are from Pull + Bear, and once I’d sorted out the dodgy zip, they’re so great to wear, they look brilliant with pretty much anything too! Another pair of light coloured shorts, these are from Zara and I haven’t worn them yet but I think they look good with the tan I’m sporting from Egypt! And then I’ve got the last pair of shorts from ASOS, these are such a statement piece but they’re so gorgeously comfortable! These were my summer obsession.




Next onto skirts, as you can tell I love these bright orange colours… They’re both from Topshop, one is just a normal bodycon but the other is a loose, floaty number, which is great for meetings/interviews due to the length. Then I’ve got this black plain skirt – a staple really, this blue bodycon from Pull + Bear, another navy piece from American Apparel and then this midi skirt from Urban Outfitters, which I’m obsessed with but still haven’t had the right occasion to wear it!







Now to show you SOME of my tops and jumpers. I’ve got this lightweight jumper from Hennys that I bought recently and have mentioned a couple of times, then I’ve packed this purple, loose, utterly scrumptious jumper from New Look. I actually bought this in a size 18 because I love the way it hangs off of your body but gives a little “shoulder action” as well. Next up a powder yellow (is that a thing?) jumper from the Zara sale. The material is a bit scratchy but I LOVEEE the colour! Then a Heisenberg jumper… I had to (ASOS).





A couple of shirts are a necessity and I chose this grey silk one (mama again) and this checked one from New Look. I do have about 6 other checked shirts but they’re already living in my wardrobe at Uni. P1000305

P1000307Onto the tops, a gorgeous mint green floaty number from the Zara sale. Also haven’t worn this yet but it’s so pretty! And I think it looks good with the white roll-ups too! A white long sleeved piece and a black and white Breton long sleeved top, both from ASOS and soso comfy and necessary for Autumn/Winter. I’m currently loving this blue loose fit top from Topshop, it feels like really good material and I only paid £12! And then for some basic T’s, I have this khaki top (in red and black too).






And then of course I thought I’d show you a couple of dresses. This first one is from Topshop and I only bought it recently, I’m loving stripes at the moment! Next this plain navy skater dress, so comfy and quite formal too I think so good for more “adult” events. This next one is a bit more casual, from ASOS and really cute, I love the contrast between the grey and the leather-look sleeves. Some more daytime dresses – this checked number is from ASOS Maternity and I had it taken up, I love the print soo much. Then another from ASOS, I saw The Londoner wearing this and had to grab it, so beautiful and it makes me feel like Pocahontas! Then lastly this funky print casual dress is from TK Maxx, which I bought for £14. I adore, its so comfortable and I’ve already worn it quite a few times!







Lastly my two favourite coats that I will be sporting. The first is from Barbour and the second is a vintage Burberry from my Grandma. She also has a navy blue one, which I have my beady eyes on…



Now moving onto shoes, White Company slippers (a must for lounging about the apartment), Birckenstocks (so comfy!), Converse, Park Lane moccasins (ASOS), Tobi pumps, black pointy toed slip-ons (New Look), and then a couple of pairs of heels, the black are from ASOS (in the sale now!) and the second pair are from French Collection. Utterly in love with the cobalt blue colour!









I hope you’ve enjoyed having a peek into my wardrobe, trust me I have A LOT more clothes but maybe I’ll do a more in depth post in the future!

Over & Out!


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