Diving Day 1

Sorry about the recent radio silence.

The last time I spoke to you I mentioned jumping into this pool.P1000102P1000104

Well for the next couple of days I spent my time reading, tanning and jumping into the cooling water.

Until Saturday arrived.

My first day of diving!

We woke up bright and early and made our way down to the Na’ama Bay jetty. Where we jumped on a boat and made our way to a local dive site called Ras Katy.


On the way out I made my way precariously to the front of the boat and lounged in the shade reading my book and munching on my breakfast… biscuits… nutritious!


Finally we arrived! The 3 dives we were doing that day were on fringe reefs, which is when the reef runs along the shoreline, as can be seen here (plus the crew tying the line so we could moor up).


By this point we had already got all our equipment ready so all that was left was for my brother to give a briefing (I was tagging along on one of his courses) and then it was time to jump into the lovely clear blue water!


Unfortunately I didn’t take my GoPro along that day so didn’t get any underwater pics but don’t worry! I’ll remember it on my next underwater adventure!

Throughout the 3 dives (at Ras Katy, Temple and Ras Umm Sid) we saw an octopus (changing colour from white to brown right in front of our eyes! So awesome), eagle ray (absolutely massive), boxfish and a napoleon fish.

Diving is very tiring so everyone was pretty knocked out after they’d filled they’re stomachs.


I did some more shade-bathing and read a bit more of my book (shorts are from Pull & Bear).


After finishing our 3rd dive, we (like so many other boats) made our way back to jetty, taking in the lovely views and the tourists parachuting off the back of speedboats.


Then we spent the next 20 minutes queuing to get back into the port. It is verrrryyyyy busy at 4.30pm. But finally a space freed up and we parked up and leaped off of the boat and onto solid ground.


We walked back to dive centre in the boiling heat and were greeted with organised chaos.


And then I took a shadow selfie. Because why not…

P1000141Until tomorrow!


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