London To Sharm el Sheikh


My flight was an early one, so I decided to pack the night before. I was only taking hand luggage as the majority of the clothes I’d be wearing out there were shorts and t-shirts. I find this ‘TOMS’ bag really useful for keeping my electrical wires in and the dive book is my log book to record my dive depth, time, conditions etc.

I arrived at the airport the next morning and sped through security. Usually I’d spend the next hour I have looking around the shops, spending too much money, regretting my decisions… But seeing as I had been in the same terminal only one week before (on my way out to Barcelona), I felt I already had everything Gatwick North Terminal could offer me.P1000079

Therefore, I ordered a croissant and a caramel latte for breakfast and perched myself on one of the comfy Starbucks sofas…P1000080


And settled down to watch some Made In Chelsea: NYC.

As I arrived in Sharm el Sheikh I headed out of the terminal doors and was whisked away by a charming taxi driver who my brother had pre-booked for me (he has known him for years so I felt I could trust him – don’t trust many taxis as their main aim is to rip you off! – If you’re going to a hotel there should be a transfer service available).P1000081P1000084

We went to drop off my bags and pick up my brother from his apartment and then sped off to a town called Hadaba to try our luck at a pub quiz with some other dive instructors.P1000087P1000088P1000101P1000098

The quiz is at a place called Champion’s Pub which is located next to the Aqua Park (which I plan on visiting some time soon! – blog post to come) and this ruddy great elephant statue… no idea…P1000089P1000096

(my brother doing his best ‘model’ pose)

On my team (called ‘Lads’ – great) we had my brother and his friend Dave (not pictured) and then Pete (seen above) who the other two boys see as a kind of aspiration and in my opinion looks a bit like Daniel Craig. What do you think?


We were doing so well to start off with, 10/10 in the first round. Then as the beers racked up (Sakara) and the time went on we began going downhill…

In the end we came 5th out of 9 teams. Halfway isn’t too bad…

Eslam the taxi driver came to pick us up one more time and we were driven home to fall into our ever so inviting beds.

The next day I woke up at 2pm with a blinding headache … But I had this to jump straight into…


More on this later.


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